Monk Isidore Premium Vodka Vol. 40% 70cl / 700ml Limited Edition Frosted Bottle


Presented in the UK under the name Monk Isidore Premium Vodka.

According to a legend, around 1430 a monk called Isidore from Chudow Monastery inside the Moscow Kremlin made a recipe of the first Russian vodka.

Premium Vodka made from English grain, distilled using premium columns to generate a clean and pure vodka with a smooth finish. Perfect for cocktails or simply for shots.

700ml/70cl Premium Vodka with ABV 40% .

Rich in texture, with wheat aromas, plenty of cereal flavours lingering on the nose. Powerful and full of flavour on the palate with an extremely long finish. An outstanding example.

Monk Isidore Premium Vodka is produced here in the UK and is British owned, yet has all the qualities of a fine Premium Vodka.

Inspired by the Russians, made by the British.

4000 in stock

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