The Legend

History credits the creation of vodka to a 15th Century Russian Orthodox monk called Isidore. Located in the Chudov Monastery in Moscow, he created his concoction based upon his exceptional knowledge of distillation processes.

From Bread Wine

to vodka

Known originally as “bread wine”, Monk Isidore’s creation was produced over many years for the Grand Duchy of Moscow, who was a huge fan of the drink.

Isidore’s “bread wine” was later coined as “Vodka” in 1751 by Empress Elizabeth. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Chudov Monastery

As the original home for Monk Isidore (and his Vodka), the Chudov Monastery holds a special place in Russia’s history.

Founded within the Moscow Kremlin in 1358, it was one of the most revered centres of book culture and learning in its’ time.

Unfortunately, the monastery was closed in 1918. However, in 2014, it was announced that it would be restored as a historical monument by officials.


The home of Monk isidore


Today, Monk Isidore’s Vodka is distilled within the heart of the UK.

Located in Liverpool, we work hard to keep Isidore’s recipe alive in order to bring you a smooth and delicious vodka that can be enjoyed neat or mixed.

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