Fermented using traditional methods by Michelin Star Distiller and former Oxford biochemist Dr John Walters of The English Spirit Distillery. We bring you the finest Russian Vodka.

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Monk Isodore Vodka is fermented and distilled from Russian grain in 200-litre copper pot stills using a 3.2 metre reflux column which is packed with small copper rings.

Once all the heads and tails have been discarded, only the pure heart of the vodka is then filtered through activated charcoal before being blended to bottle strength with Reverse Osmosis water

The result? An extremely smooth and delicious traditional vodka that can be drank neat or in cocktails.

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how it’s made

If you would like to see how our famous vodka is created, the distillery holds interactive visits throughout the year. You can see how the distilling process takes place, attend talks, or even distil your own spirit with the help of seasoned professionals.

Despite the progressive and new technology within distilleries today, the English Spirit Distillery is a firm believer in traditional techniques.

"You can’t buy experience and you can’t forget the past.”

It’s true that with their experience and beliefs when it comes to spirit making, we’re the perfect team to bring you Monk Isidore vodka. We work to blend Monk Isidore’s original recipe with the traditional distilling methods that made his vodka so delicious all those years ago.

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