Russian Vodka. Made In Britain

Modelled on the original Russian vodka from 1430 and distilled by Oxford Biochemist and Master Distiller Dr John Walters.
Inside the legend of

Monk Isidore

History credits the creation of vodka to a Russian Orthodox monk called Isidore. Located in the Chudov Monastery in Moscow, he created his concoction based upon his exceptional knowledge of distillation processes.

Known originally as “bread wine”, his creation was produced for many years for the Grand Duchy of Moscow. His “bread wine” was later coined as Vodka in 1751 by Empress Elizabeth. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Dr John Walters – Biochemist

Master Distiller

Master Distiller Dr. John Walters graduated from Oxford with a doctorate in biochemistry, and with ten years of experience under his belt, we trust no-one else to distil our product.

“It’s about harnessing a dream, and bringing new things into reality. it’s easy to copy something else, but difficult to make an entirely new route altogether.”

With his own distillery nestled in the sleepy town of Great Yeldham, Essex, Walters does it all. From fermentation to distillation and maturation, The English Spirit Distillery is an esteemed establishment within the spirit industry. It’s also where Monk Isidore Vodka is brought to life.

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Straight from russia’s

Fields of gold

Monk Isidore Vodka uses only the finest grains that are freshly imported from Russia.
Perfectly blended with

British Water

Purified Cornish water from a spring at the Distillery adds to the smoothness of our Vodka. The site is over 1,000 years old and listed in the Domesday Book.
Distilled using 200

years of tradition

Fermented using traditional copper pot stills, the vodka is then filtered through activated charcoal before being blended.
All so that you can

Experience it

Whether you like your vodka neat or in a cocktail, there are hundreds of ways you can enjoy our premium Russian vodka.
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